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But what's funny about it all, is that we need these things to perform. But we don't take a second to realize it. The purpose is always there. The purpose never leaves us. Because that very purpose is you. You are always the purpose. There may be another purpose, like being a seal or going to college or whatever. But the main purpose in life is you. 

So, if you wake up in the morning - and you don't want to do something, you don't care enough about yourself. And that's what you need to really research. "Man, why am I not doing this for myself?" Because that is the number one purpose in life: is to better one's self. That's the only purpose I need. So the reason I get up every day, even though there are no races, there's no school, there's nothing in front of me. Because I have pride in myself.

Q:  But where do you go to, when you wake up on a morning. It's cold, it's wet, it's dark. You've got no cartilage in your knee. You've got shitty shorts, whatever it is that's the issue today. It's warm on the couch. Your Mrs says stay in bed. It's comfy, it's cozy. You've got work later on. You had an argument last night, you were slightly hungover. 

A:  I know every person is not going to do what I'm going to do. So. This is how you level up. That's how you level up. I know there's a whole bunch of people with that right there, that fires me up. What makes me happy is what you just said. That brings joy to my life right there. 

Because I know there are so many people that have the ability, but refuse to get off that couch, refuse to study a few more hours, refuse to go deeper to go further. That's where I gain the advantage, my friend. It's so easy to be great nowadays, because most people are weak. Most people don't want to go the extra mile. Most people don't want to find that extra, because it sucks. It's miserable. It's lonely.

You talked about that. You were kind of, you know, lonely by yourself. I was the same way, and that used to hurt me growing up. Now, I thrive in that. That's the only place to be. A lot of people, you know, wonder how did you become this? How do you become so vulnerable? How are you doing a podcast now? When you were this kid, you overcame things. You fought them.

Now, this is what happens. This is on the other side of overcoming it. You become very, very powerful when you overcome yourself. All those things you once cowered from, what you were afraid of, and you facing eye to eye every day. You now become, a person that does a great podcast. 

Q:  Let's say that there's someone listening, who resonates with what you're talking about, you know. They've been through trauma, they've been through hard times, but they keep breaking promises to themselves. And they're struggling to get off the couch, and they're having a pity party. How can I stop feeling sorry for themselves?

A:  That's a difficult one. Because you have to want it. You have to want to be better, and it starts off with you have to have pride in yourself. You have to have this something about you. Whether it's your last name, whether it's just the smallest thing, you have to be proud of yourself. If you have no pride in yourself, I can't give it to you. 

Q:  Because you're always going to compromise, you're always going to fold?
A:  Always. And I'm very proud of myself. That's why, when people said, "you know where you can do better than can't hurt me." "Roger, that. We'll see." 

Q:  Because a lot of people, when they think about working out, they think of it as being a physical thing, right? 
A:  No, no! No! I did it for mental. People always say, "my God." Like no, don't look at it. I didn't care about losing weight, I don't care about being the fastest person. I wasn't making the Olympics. I wasn't going to Pros. I could barely read and write when I was a junior in high school. I wasn't going anywhere. 

I started working out as a way for me to build calluses on my mind. I had to be callous over the victim's mentality, so I watched these movies. You know, I talked about Rocket last time. I was on here always equated training to mental toughening. Like it always looked brutal people. Wake up early, and do all these things, and look horrible.

I was like, "wow, now I gotta start doing that." Not to get better, bigger and stronger, but that is what's going to build me. That looks uncomfortable, that looks brutal and getting up early? I don't want to do that. Show me this long list of things I don't want to do, and through that, I found myself. I'm like, "you guys, aren't doing this in high school. You guys aren't getting up at five o'clock in the morning running over here in this golf course."

So I started seeing myself very differently than the average human being. I was like, "hang on a second. I have something they don't have." And that's when I started to develop these things through working out. It was this great, never-ending work ethic. Through work ethic, I developed self-esteem.

Q:  Now is this something that you learn? Is this something you learn yourself from exercise yourself. Or is it something you've read or heard about, that made you equate this doing this and doing these difficult things physically to mental toughness. To being, this is the discipline that you need in order to get your life out of the situation you're in. 

A:  So I never read anything. You know I could barely read. So I wasn't reading back then. I just saw, I watched a lot of movies and I was really big in the visualization. I always equated working out to struggle. And I struggled my whole life, but I ran from it. So I started realizing, "man. I gotta start facing the struggle. And I gotta be mentally strong for the struggle."

So that's where I started coming up like, "I'm training for life. Mentally I'm training for life. I'm not training for like to live 400 pounds. And I found out on my own pretty much. That through this, through discipline, through self-discipline, through repetition, through tons of repetition the same thing that you don't want to do, and that's the key thing through repetition of things you don't want to do. You develop mental armour for your mind. 

Start to armour your mind. Because your mind's, like, "okay, we suffer, we suffer every say. It's what we do. We do stuff that sucks every day." So then, when the suck stuff comes, you're ready for it, and that's how I started coming up, you know, I just started being very uncomfortable. Now it's like just a way of life. It's a crazy thing to figure out, though it's like that, you figured it out, and you didn't just figure it out. You embraced it.

Like when you were talking about your senior year of high school. And you're talking about your mirror, being your accountability, mirror-like you, had a radical shift like you, just decided to not be a loser and to start tightening up and start holding yourself accountable and get ready for things.

So I had this my whole life. I mean, I don't know if people believe in God or what, I don't care. What you believe in, there's been this unrelenting voice in my head. We all have this voice. It's the right or wrong voice and a lot of times, that voice guides us into comfort. And my voice guided me to comfort a lot, but I had this other voice. I heard my whole life saying hey: what are you doing? Oh man, we gotta go over here. We gotta go over here to that rock pile over in the corner, where nobody's at. That's where victory's at. We're over in that corner."

So this voice was giving me all these answers. I wasn't a real smart kid growing up, but I had this crazy voice in my head saying "over there is where the answers are," and I won't listen to it. Because over there was pain. Over there was me looking in the mirror. Over there was me being accountable for all these things that went through my life, even though people put them on me, it's not mine to own. 

I didn't want to go over there by myself, but I had to. And his voice was guiding me there now. It's God, whatever you want to call it, um, but that's what that's what it was in me.

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