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  1. Intro
  2. Believe in The Future
  3. The No-Quit Mentality
  4. Stay Committed
  5. Be Kind to Yourself
  6. Be Grateful and Patient
  7. Seize The Opportunity


You may be average. You may be ordinary. But you have the opportunity, every single day, to make extraordinary decisions. And what you do today will determine your future. 

The future is very expensive. The currency to get to the future, the bridge that we build, is built on your daily decisions. Your habits, your programming, the way that you think, the way that you talk, the way that you walk. Blood, sweat, and tears. 

Sacrifice people that you have to let go. Sleep that you have to lose. Multiple Jobs that you have to work. Hours on end of study. Beating on your craft every single day. It's not easy, but it's worth it. 

They're going to be nights you're going to cry yourself to sleep. There are going to be times you're going to want to throw in the towel, but if you keep going, your future self will thank you. If you can hear your future self talking to you now, the future, you would say thank you for not giving up. 

Thank you for not throwing in the towel. Thank you for not allowing the despair, and the anguish, and the anger, and the bitterness, and the jealousy and the ego, to eat away at your progress. Your perseverance, and your ability to travail and endure.

Believe in The Future

I believe in the future, number one, you got to get crystal clear about who you believe you've been destined to be. Because everybody's looking to manifest. We are all looking to evolve. We are all looking to level up. What is your life's purpose? What is your destiny? Why on earth are you here? Is it that you can do today to get closer to the fulfilment of that future, to get closer to the manifestation of the future? What are you doing today? What are you giving today?

Remember why you had to let some people go. Remember why you're working so hard towards this thing, you're pressing. You're pushing your claw, and you're dragging yourself through mud and through murky water, come on. Remember why you're doing what you're doing. It May be difficult, it may seem impossible.

The moment that you discover why you're here, spending the rest of your life executed. There are going to be times when you give everything you have. And everything that you have is not enough to push through the pain. But push through the anguish. Push to the brokenness. Do not stop it.

The No-Quit Mentality

Wherever you are now, is not where you're going to end up. You are special, and you've been designed to change the world. So many of us want so many different things. And our life is filled with entertainment and recreation, and people that we have not appraised. Have you appraised your connections? Have you done a scrupulous evaluation of everyone? In your life, are they assets, or are they liabilities? 

Yes, you want the future. What's your plan? The moment you create the plan and you've ironed out all the kinks, and you're crystal clear, and you've got this plan? You've got this aim, this target. Then you got to stay committed with tears in your eyes. You're going to be committed when your brain is hurting. You're going to be committed.

Stay Committed

When you haven't gotten sleep in a few days, you got to be committed. You got to plough through that depression, that heaviness, that weariness. And you got to cling to the joy of the thought of the future that, if you finish this course, then there is a reward at the end of this pain. You may feel as though you are not able to breathe now. You may be inundated with responsibility, and it seems as though there is no way out of this. 

You have to be grateful for the ground that you gain and guard the ground that you gained. Celebrate the small wins. If we keep looking at the big picture, if we keep looking at the end game, if that's all we fix our eyes on, then we'll get off kilter or lose our footing, and we'll walk around discouraged. Because you're not going to just wake up in one day and fulfil destiny, it's the process, that's perfecting us. It's the ends and the outs and the nuances.

It's the song and the dance between destiny and the journey and the process and the promise. We've got to learn how to execute the day. Give us this day. We got to learn how to execute the day. "I'm not where I'm supposed to be, but I'm not where I used to be," and so we've got to celebrate the small wins. Those mental wins, those emotional wins, those relational wins, those financial wins, those spiritual wins.

Be Kind to Yourself

We got to celebrate. Celebrate, and then we've got to be kind. Not only to others throughout our process, but we've got to be kind to ourselves. The problem with many of us, is that we're not kind to ourselves. Be kind to yourself. 

You can be assertive, you can be direct, you can be firm. But you can have a little empathy, and a little kindness. Not only on others, but on yourself. Because the truth of the matter is, you are not going to always feel like doing what you were designed to do. So we've got to condition ourselves for the stretch with gratitude. We're going to need that, coupled with patience.

Be Grateful and Patient

The future takes time to manifest. The future takes time. Because you are beautifully equipped to get the results you are currently getting. And there are some bigger results that you are after, in order to get those results. In order to manifest that very specific future you're going to have. To acquire a different set of skills, a different work mentality. It's going to require you to become a different version of yourself. Elevation is all over you.

Seize The Opportunity

Next, you got to seize the opportunity. There are so many opportunities for you to grow. So many opportunities for you to learn. So many opportunities for you to share, for you to give, for you to understand, for you to think, for you to be quiet, for you to speak. And you've got to know when to do what to do.

This is the paradigm of the future. The future has a specific paradigm that you have to execute. You have to walk in this. You're going to have to move from limited beliefs, and you're going to have to move into limitless. Believing you have to know your boundaries establish your guardrails. You got to know your weaknesses and your strengths.

Do not stop. It's the no-quit mentality!

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