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LOVE AND PASSION - 6 Steps to Success #4

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A lot of people have relationships where they've settled, and they've got themself in a place where it's a friendship. You know they've had on the back, a little kiss on the cheek, but there's not that aliveness anymore. And oftentimes, we're told, 'well, that's what you're supposed to expect after a period of time'. Because it isn't about time, it's about triggers, and knowing those really are. The other thing we just want you to know is this is really about how to be happy. Because, you know, so many people in life have these dreams and goals, and then they get them, and they're unhappy. And when you travel around the world, here's what you're find. I don't care what background people have, what their religious belief is, what level success or challenge they have in their life. People want happiness, they want joy, they want to feel good about their life. They want a sense of meaning that there's love and passion there, that maybe there's something in your life that you've done, that you know has made a difference for someone you love.

Nothing feels greater than that, and also knowing someone loves you so much they're so passionate for you that your life has a different level of meaning. But as important as this area is for most people. This is the area they master. At the least, most of us run to work, or we run to business, or shaping our bodies, or our kids, because it's safer and we have control. But this is an area that, if you take charge of yourself, and if you understand the dynamics of men and women in a relationship, you can make changes. And minutes that maybe you've tried to make for years and really not being able to experience. 

You're afraid. Yes, what are you afraid of? If I leave my wife, I'll lose my identity and my self-worth, and I'll lose our love and love for myself. You probably will. In fact, it'll be worse than that. What do you mean? Do you have kids? Yes, you'll feel them hating you at times; you're gonna lose a lot more money than you think. He's gonna have another guy bring up his kids he's going to fall in love with another woman and make all the same mistakes all over again.

A: This is my wife. 
Q: Hi. Is your love for this man unconditional? 
A: Yes. 

Q: Is that your experience, sir? 
A: I've had a lot of struggles with physical attraction. I tried to tell myself that physically. That was all that I needed, and it wasn't. I don't feel that she was the person I was meant to be with for the rest of my life. You want to leave. I want to be free of the pain on both sides, I'm sick and fed up with feeling this way; it's unfair to her, it's unfair to me.

Q: I said so. You basically believe you know what's right, but if not had the guts to do something, you got it for you to have certainty and comfort. What do you gotta do? 
A: I need to know that I'm loved.

Q: So you live in a life where the most important thing in life is not being that you have uncertainty about. How much certainty do you have that your family?
A: Obviously a hundred. 

Q: You're talking about your father? 
A: No, I lost my father.

Q: Okay, that's okay! You were his little baby girl. Definitely, What did he say about you?
A: That I was perfect? 

Q: So yeah, I'm sorry to hear by your father's passing; thank you, but your father needed to pass at some point. So you could have a man. He can never be your man or your father alive. He has a chance now. 
A: Wow, it's like. I have this huge weight lifted off my shoulders that I don't. I don't have the worry that used to bog down my brain. Many people probably believe they've tried everything, and you know, with what they're thinking at the time, they probably can't see anything else if they just love the person they're with, and they know in their heart.

Just try one more time, because it's so worth it.

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