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In three years I doubled my NBA income in the marketplace, and I've never had a real job, but a mindset. The number one lesson that you need to get to that next level is information. You need to get information.

I love to watch football, but I don't even watch TV. Why? Because I think it's unproductive, in my opinion. I get 24 hours a day, just like bill gates. I get 24 hours a day, just like Beyonce and Jay-z. You get 24 hours a day. What do you do with your 24 hours? You need to get more information.

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Do you know the studies show the better we look, the more money we make? This means your website should pass the eyeball test. You should pass the eyeball test.

Everybody has a promised land somewhere. You can't be stuck in the city. Your promised land might be anywhere unexpected.

So you should better use your money to get the information and access it as flexibly as you can because a real shark is flexible. We need to stop fronting and get real about this, how I can do it, you can do it. 

I knew nothing about life. I knew nothing about business, but I had the right mindset, and I learned it through sports. Let me tell you my story.

I didn't even start on my college basketball team. I came off the bench at the University of Minnesota. But in my mind, I'm an NBA ball player, so I would walk around and say, "you can't check me, you can't check me, you can't check me." 

If I were you, I would walk around every day and say, "I'm a millionaire, I'm a millionaire." I declare it right now, "I'm worth millions, I'm worth millions. I will receive my salary right now, but I won't accept it. That's my value."

So whatever you receive right now, receive it. But don't you accept it as your vow, because there's more out here for you if you change your mindset.


I have got a concept I call The Black Tie Effect. If you don't own your own tuxedo and go to at least six to ten black-tie events in your market?

You suck. There's no better way for you to distinguish yourself as a top business leader in your area than to go to black-tie events.

I didn't say: fundraiser black-tie events attract the top businessman in your area. And what happens at a black tie event? You sit at a table. In America, we ask two questions. What are those two questions? 
  1. What is your name,  and
  2. What do you do? 
What would happen in your local marketplace? You became known as a philanthropist. What would happen in your local marketplace? You were known as being charitable.

What would happen in your local marketplace if all the other business owners who are highly successful not only know your company but they know you personally? So can I ask you a question, how many black tie events do you go to? 

When I stopped playing basketball, I had no money coming in, and all I would do was go to black-tie events and be around highly successful people, and I would sit at the table.

They would ask me my name. Then the second question I was waiting for. What do you do? "Well, I'm a former NBA player, but now I'm a motivational speaker."

And at those black tie events, you know they attract not only successful business people. They attract the good guys too. See snake business guys who only care about money? They don't go to black-tie events.


Because people who go to black tie events care about the community. They care to make a difference in their community.

There is something that I noticed right away at the black tie events. These were the successful people that I wanted to know, and I began to build leverage. I began to build a brand by building relationships with the top business people in my community because I was willing to go to black-tie events. There's nothing more important. 

You can do business owner, then buy yourself a tuxedo and go to black-tie events. Because everybody in the building is going to ask you your name, and they're going to ask you what you do. 

What would happen if your company became endeared to some charity in your community? What better way is it to build the culture, You drive to charity, you found the organization, and you make sure that your company is synonymous with some philanthropic area in the community.

There's nothing better than changing a life. There's nothing better than blessing somebody who's less fortunate.

I made a commitment to lifting the spirit of people who were trying to get to that next level. Start your business with charity. There's no better methodology than that. Never forget this.

All great brands are built on passion. So before you build your brand, it's not about the color; it's not about the font. All great brands are built on passion. So, what are you passionate about?


If you're not passionate about anything, your marketing is going to be a whole hum as well. Does that make sense? You can't build a great brand, without passion. 

Let's take a look at NIKE. Phil Knight built Nike and the brand out of passion, he loves to run and he couldn't find good running shoes. So he said, "well, I'll just start a company and make some myself. Because a good runner needs to have good shoes." He's built an international brand based on passion. 

If you want to be a millionaire, you got to think like a million-dollar person, you can't fake this thing. You got to be legit in this game. You can't fake it to the NBA, you got to be able to ball out, you got to be able to hoop, you got to be legit, and then business is the same way. You got to be legit, so take your money and get some information in your head and then take some money and get access.


I got three kids and this is why you got to get access, so you can make life easier for your kids.

It's like a track. You're running a four-by-one 100-meter dash four by one and your baton is in your hand, and let me tell you something: I want you to run as strong as you can as fast as you can, as hard as you can.

And one day you're going to get old. One day, your knees are going to buckle and your son going to be right behind you, and your daughter's going to be right behind you.

And that at tracks met. They will yell, "stick!" And you're going to make a successful handoff to the athlete in front of you and that's your son, that's your daughter! 

So you got to get on that track and run because the baton is in your hand right now.


And to me, 50 grand isn't enough to live your dreams. 80 grand isn't enough to live your dreams. Who's trying to live in that big house? Who's trying to live in that big car? Who's trying to retire with some real money in the bank?

You know, the average American only has fifteen hundred dollars in savings. You're a car accident away from going broke. Hear me closely, don't sell products, sell hopes and dreams.

I give myself away, and blessings come my way. In your community, be charitable, be a giver, and get to know the other givers. I promise you one thing: something's going to happen to your heart, something's going to happen to your culture, and the lagging indicator, something's going to happen to your pocket.

Article source: (Walter Bond)

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