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A lot of people have relationships where they've settled, and they've got themself in a place where it's a friendship. You know they've had on the back, a little kiss on the cheek, but there's not that aliveness anymore. And oftentimes, we're told, 'well, that's what you're supposed to expect after a period of time'. Because it isn't about time, it's about triggers, and knowing those really are. The other thing we just want you to know is this is really about how to be happy. Because, you know, so many people in life have these dreams and goals, and then they get them, and they're unhappy. And when you travel around the world, here's what you're find. I don't care what background people have, what their religious belief is, what level success or challenge they have in their life. People want happiness, they want joy, they want to feel good about their life. They want a sense of meaning that there's love and passion there, that maybe there's something in your life that you've done, that you know has made a difference for someone you love.

Nothing feels greater than that, and also knowing someone loves you so much they're so passionate for you that your life has a different level of meaning. But as important as this area is for most people. This is the area they master. At the least, most of us run to work, or we run to business, or shaping our bodies, or our kids, because it's safer and we have control. But this is an area that, if you take charge of yourself, and if you understand the dynamics of men and women in a relationship, you can make changes. And minutes that maybe you've tried to make for years and really not being able to experience. 

You're afraid. Yes, what are you afraid of? If I leave my wife, I'll lose my identity and my self-worth, and I'll lose our love and love for myself. You probably will. In fact, it'll be worse than that. What do you mean? Do you have kids? Yes, you'll feel them hating you at times; you're gonna lose a lot more money than you think. He's gonna have another guy bring up his kids he's going to fall in love with another woman and make all the same mistakes all over again.

A: This is my wife. 
Q: Hi. Is your love for this man unconditional? 
A: Yes. 

Q: Is that your experience, sir? 
A: I've had a lot of struggles with physical attraction. I tried to tell myself that physically. That was all that I needed, and it wasn't. I don't feel that she was the person I was meant to be with for the rest of my life. You want to leave. I want to be free of the pain on both sides, I'm sick and fed up with feeling this way; it's unfair to her, it's unfair to me.

Q: I said so. You basically believe you know what's right, but if not had the guts to do something, you got it for you to have certainty and comfort. What do you gotta do? 
A: I need to know that I'm loved.

Q: So you live in a life where the most important thing in life is not being that you have uncertainty about. How much certainty do you have that your family?
A: Obviously a hundred. 

Q: You're talking about your father? 
A: No, I lost my father.

Q: Okay, that's okay! You were his little baby girl. Definitely, What did he say about you?
A: That I was perfect? 

Q: So yeah, I'm sorry to hear by your father's passing; thank you, but your father needed to pass at some point. So you could have a man. He can never be your man or your father alive. He has a chance now. 
A: Wow, it's like. I have this huge weight lifted off my shoulders that I don't. I don't have the worry that used to bog down my brain. Many people probably believe they've tried everything, and you know, with what they're thinking at the time, they probably can't see anything else if they just love the person they're with, and they know in their heart.

Just try one more time, because it's so worth it.

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Man, let's go. It's time. You got one life to live. It's time to get it done. I don't know who you are, where you're from. But get it done. It's time to listen. It's time to focus. What haven't you been able to accomplish? What has stopped you? What has haunted you, why are you losing sleep over it?

All roles lead back to what you're focusing on and who you're listening to. Energy flows, where focus goes. So what are you focused on, if you haven't been able to get it done? Today, marks the first day of the best days of your life, so where focus goes, energy flows. I'm talking to you. 

If you're going to get it done, I need you to listen and focus at all costs. Protect your peace. If you're going to get it done, you got to. Let some things go. Stop waiting to feel like it. Stop waiting until you see it, stop waiting for somebody to come and save you. Nobody's coming to rescue you.

The problem with many of you is that you're focused on your fears. You're focused on the risk more than you are the reward. The prize goes to the hardest worker in the room. The question is: how bad do you want this? The problem with many of you is that you're not tired enough. You're focused on the pain of the process more than you are the glory on the other side. You're listening to the wrong people listening to the wrong voices. 

It's time to pull that energy from fear. Pull that energy away from doubt. How bad do you want this? If you can hear my voice, I'm just wondering if you are bold enough, if you are daring enough, if your faith is outrageous enough to take a chance on yourself. It's time to manifest. It's time to get it done. Fight for your future. It may hurt me. Get it cut with tears in your eyes. 

Get it done. If nobody believes in you get it done. If the person you love most walks out on you, get it done. If your children don't believe in you, get it done. If your spouse doesn't believe in you, get it done. It's always impossible until it's done. So get it done over the course of your life. I've come to realize that. In order to get things done, there are some things I've got to get over, and that's the problem with many of you.

Is that you're not over the relationship gone bad. You're not over the job that you lost. You're not over the person that walked out on you. The people and the places where you've experienced trauma and anguish. You're not over it. You're not over the fear. You're not over the anxiety. You don't smile anymore. You don't laugh anymore, you don't love like you used to, and there are some things you're goung to have to get over.

You have not been able to get it done because you're carrying so much weight from the past. You don't feel like it. But news flash, stop waiting to feel it. At the end of the day, you can listen to a million motivational speeches, but you are going to have to wake up and make a decision to get it done. The moment you are no longer willing to tolerate where you are, everything changes. 

Nobody's gonna be able to pull you out of the murky water out of this muddy, bloody painful, miserable place that you're in. You're gonna have to make up your mind. Enough is enough, I'm getting out of this place, and I got stuff to do. I've got a destiny to fulfil. Are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to let go of some things? Are you willing to put the work in? Are you ready to be consistent?

Are you tired of this version of yourself. Get over the pain. Get over the trauma. Get over the betrayal. Get over who left you. Get over who lied on you. Get over it. If you're going to get it done, you've got to get over it. Release the pain. Release the unforgiveness. Release the fear. If you're going to get it done, you're going to have to eliminate all distractions and put your blinders on.  I don't know what your goal is. Let the world reject you. Let the world close its doors on you. Let the world tell you no. 

I'm just wondering, can you dig deep beside yourself? The future goes to the hardest worker in the room. You have everything you need to get started. Stop waiting for the weather to change in your life. Stop waiting for the perfect conditions. Stop waiting for a hand up. Stop waiting for everybody to believe in you, and cheer for you, and affirm.

Your life knocked you in the mouth years ago, and you haven't hit back yet. You hit back with determination. You hit back with focus. You hit that when you listen. You hit back when you are disciplined. You hit back with resilience. Get in the ring and hit back. It's time to get up and get back. Stand in the mirror and tell yourself, "I've got a destiny to fulfil." 

It's simple, but it's not easy, but all you have, is all you need. It's the start that stops most people. Start now.

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My Philosophy was a very simple one. This is where I think film plays a big part of my life. Rudy was one of my favorite films growing up. But after watching that film, I came to understand. If I could work that hard every day with being blessed with my physical tools, what would my career be? 

I made a promise to myself from that day, that I was going to work that hard every single day so that when I do retire, I have no regrets. And that was the most important thing for me - is to leave no stone unturned. Get better every single day, and if I live that way, then over time you know I'd have something that was beautiful. 

But that was my philosophy. It seems pretty simple, but you know, if you live your life just to get better every single day, does that for 20 years. I mean, what do you have? Yeah, well, Phil introduced meditation to us when he came probably to our team in 1999, 2000. It was something that I instantly gravitated to, because I could see the effects. 

I used to watch, you know, studying the games. The Bulls teams and watching their demeanour, watching their composure, playing in a tough place in like Utah doing the finals and being down 17. But everybody was like, I couldn't tell if they were down 17 or up 20 or tie game, never changed. And I was wondering why the hell that is. 

That's why I started doing more research and when Phil came, I immediately gravitated to it and found myself accepted the challenge of finding what that space is and for the 81 point game. And to be honest, I wasn't even thinking about the game. 

My knee was hurting so much I didn't know then, but you know I had a flap of joint of cartilage stuck in my joint line, and so my mind was really trying to go to a place where I don't feel that pain. And the game started. Because of that, I was just in a different space. I wasn't worried about what was to come.

I was worried about what just happened. I was just here, and when you're just there in the moment playing plays right in front of you. Your focus is heightened because nothing else matters. Well, I mean her, what practice was important for me. Not just a standpoint that I enjoyed playing like I enjoyed being there, I enjoyed getting better, but as a leader of a team.

It's also your responsibility to elevate the rest of the guns, and tend to get stuck on a lot, saying: "okay, the way to make players better is the passing the ball when they're open." It's a very trivial way to look at things. What you have to do is you have to get them emotionally to want to be better. You want you have to get them to an emotional space where they wake up every morning, driven to be the best version of themselves, right? 

How do you do that in practice? For me, was a chance to drive them, to challenge them. And this is where you have to know your teammates. Because if it's late, you just had back-to-back and we had practice the next day, and you show up, and guys don't feel like going through the motions, don't feel like practising. 

It's important to know each and every one of them individually, personally. Because then you know with the nerve to touch some guys. It's like, "okay, come on. You know we can do this." That'll get them going. Other guys, you got to figure out what button to push, you know. Pau was always Spain. If I tell them how they lost and gold medal to us and how they're going to lose again. How I'm going to beat your ass in practice? Just like I beat you in a gold medal game, oh that, he'd hate that.

But that's what practice was. You have to drive them, you absolutely have to. And if the practice is more intense and harder, then a game seven will be easy. But if it's not, then that's when teams start folding and capitulating.

You know, I always dreamed as a kid that, you know was possible to score 80 or 90 or 100. I always had a dream. Like sometimes you lay down in bed, and you visualize things. You just kind of, you know just that's all. That's at least how I would go to sleep. But lay down, I'd imagine playing for the Lakers. And I would imagine with the uniforms look like. I'd imagine we would be playing, and you know, the smell of the arena and all sorts of stuff.

And I would see myself getting hot. You know, scored 10 straight points and then, but in the dream-like, why would you ever interrupt that. You're not going to have a dream and be like, okay, then he misses his next six. Like it's not going to happen. So you just keep dreaming and dreaming and dreaming. And before I go to sleep, I'm like at 120 points, and so and so. 

When you grow up downloading that into your brain, over and over and over. Then you know that summer I made a thousand shots a day thousand right. That's on top of weight training and my conditioning. I made a thousand shots, and it wasn't just shots. It was shots that you saw in that game. There were specific shots, I mean, it was coming out of the corner going to the pinch post footwork in the post coming off the screen. It was very specific.

So when you download that into your system and go out into the court. You're just executing things that you've done thousands of times before. And you have that dream, that becomes possible. That would be the way you would express it, sure. Well, no, I mean, that's the trick. Isn't it's finding what you love to do when we talk about hard work all the time? 

It's like, man. If you got to get up every single morning and remind yourself how hard you need to work, you probably choose a different profession. You know, that shouldn't be there, because I wake up excited to get to. If I'm not training, I'm missing it. I'm not watching the game of basketball. I miss it. You know, there's no place I'd rather be, and if you have that feeling, then you're truly doing what God has put you on this Earth to do.

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List of Content:
  1. Intro
  2. Believe in The Future
  3. The No-Quit Mentality
  4. Stay Committed
  5. Be Kind to Yourself
  6. Be Grateful and Patient
  7. Seize The Opportunity


You may be average. You may be ordinary. But you have the opportunity, every single day, to make extraordinary decisions. And what you do today will determine your future. 

The future is very expensive. The currency to get to the future, the bridge that we build, is built on your daily decisions. Your habits, your programming, the way that you think, the way that you talk, the way that you walk. Blood, sweat, and tears. 

Sacrifice people that you have to let go. Sleep that you have to lose. Multiple Jobs that you have to work. Hours on end of study. Beating on your craft every single day. It's not easy, but it's worth it. 

They're going to be nights you're going to cry yourself to sleep. There are going to be times you're going to want to throw in the towel, but if you keep going, your future self will thank you. If you can hear your future self talking to you now, the future, you would say thank you for not giving up. 

Thank you for not throwing in the towel. Thank you for not allowing the despair, and the anguish, and the anger, and the bitterness, and the jealousy and the ego, to eat away at your progress. Your perseverance, and your ability to travail and endure.

Believe in The Future

I believe in the future, number one, you got to get crystal clear about who you believe you've been destined to be. Because everybody's looking to manifest. We are all looking to evolve. We are all looking to level up. What is your life's purpose? What is your destiny? Why on earth are you here? Is it that you can do today to get closer to the fulfilment of that future, to get closer to the manifestation of the future? What are you doing today? What are you giving today?

Remember why you had to let some people go. Remember why you're working so hard towards this thing, you're pressing. You're pushing your claw, and you're dragging yourself through mud and through murky water, come on. Remember why you're doing what you're doing. It May be difficult, it may seem impossible.

The moment that you discover why you're here, spending the rest of your life executed. There are going to be times when you give everything you have. And everything that you have is not enough to push through the pain. But push through the anguish. Push to the brokenness. Do not stop it.

The No-Quit Mentality

Wherever you are now, is not where you're going to end up. You are special, and you've been designed to change the world. So many of us want so many different things. And our life is filled with entertainment and recreation, and people that we have not appraised. Have you appraised your connections? Have you done a scrupulous evaluation of everyone? In your life, are they assets, or are they liabilities? 

Yes, you want the future. What's your plan? The moment you create the plan and you've ironed out all the kinks, and you're crystal clear, and you've got this plan? You've got this aim, this target. Then you got to stay committed with tears in your eyes. You're going to be committed when your brain is hurting. You're going to be committed.

Stay Committed

When you haven't gotten sleep in a few days, you got to be committed. You got to plough through that depression, that heaviness, that weariness. And you got to cling to the joy of the thought of the future that, if you finish this course, then there is a reward at the end of this pain. You may feel as though you are not able to breathe now. You may be inundated with responsibility, and it seems as though there is no way out of this. 

You have to be grateful for the ground that you gain and guard the ground that you gained. Celebrate the small wins. If we keep looking at the big picture, if we keep looking at the end game, if that's all we fix our eyes on, then we'll get off kilter or lose our footing, and we'll walk around discouraged. Because you're not going to just wake up in one day and fulfil destiny, it's the process, that's perfecting us. It's the ends and the outs and the nuances.

It's the song and the dance between destiny and the journey and the process and the promise. We've got to learn how to execute the day. Give us this day. We got to learn how to execute the day. "I'm not where I'm supposed to be, but I'm not where I used to be," and so we've got to celebrate the small wins. Those mental wins, those emotional wins, those relational wins, those financial wins, those spiritual wins.

Be Kind to Yourself

We got to celebrate. Celebrate, and then we've got to be kind. Not only to others throughout our process, but we've got to be kind to ourselves. The problem with many of us, is that we're not kind to ourselves. Be kind to yourself. 

You can be assertive, you can be direct, you can be firm. But you can have a little empathy, and a little kindness. Not only on others, but on yourself. Because the truth of the matter is, you are not going to always feel like doing what you were designed to do. So we've got to condition ourselves for the stretch with gratitude. We're going to need that, coupled with patience.

Be Grateful and Patient

The future takes time to manifest. The future takes time. Because you are beautifully equipped to get the results you are currently getting. And there are some bigger results that you are after, in order to get those results. In order to manifest that very specific future you're going to have. To acquire a different set of skills, a different work mentality. It's going to require you to become a different version of yourself. Elevation is all over you.

Seize The Opportunity

Next, you got to seize the opportunity. There are so many opportunities for you to grow. So many opportunities for you to learn. So many opportunities for you to share, for you to give, for you to understand, for you to think, for you to be quiet, for you to speak. And you've got to know when to do what to do.

This is the paradigm of the future. The future has a specific paradigm that you have to execute. You have to walk in this. You're going to have to move from limited beliefs, and you're going to have to move into limitless. Believing you have to know your boundaries establish your guardrails. You got to know your weaknesses and your strengths.

Do not stop. It's the no-quit mentality!

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The more you can cultivate that sense of wealth, that sense of abundance in you. The more you can feel that sense of joy, the more easy it's going to be for you to do financially. Because you're not going to be in this scarce fearful mode. 

Now, that's not enough by itself, you have this great sense of abundance and do the wrong mechanics and be a disaster. But if I had, they have an area to get you started with. You want to have the emotion, psychological strength. That going to carry you through when the mechanics are boring or frustrating. Or when things aren't working out your emotion, your psychologies will carry you. It'll get you to keep doing it.

Everyone knows if you've done any studies, Dr. Seligman is very famous for doing studies on optimism and in those studies. You really found out people that are pessimists are much more realistic, they're much more accurate. If you give them a test, and you ask them to look at something and give you a size measurement of it or to evaluate their own success or failure.

Originally, what Dr. Seligman found out, was that optimists always see themselves as doing better than they really did; they basically lying to themselves. What happens to the pessimist? They are 10 times more accurate. But here's what he found out. When he found out, it is because the people who are accurate never push themselves because they know it's never going to work anyway. 

Whereas the optimist sees it better than it is so they keep doing it because they have the illusion they did well. We'll all do even better next time. And because that optimism, they did it more often. And so optimists succeed at a four to five-fold, depending on the task

. Ultimately, beyond anything that a pessimist will do, they're not as accurate. All that's a big way of saying is: if you can develop a psychology of resilience in yourself, you don't have to be optimistic or fake. You can be real; the realness is whatever shows up. You are larger than anything that can happen to you.

You are larger than any financial challenge you could ever face. Initially, we'll say, "well, look at their houses, look at their homes, and they don't really have electricity." They don't have this, but they don't feel poor. It's your identity! The way you define the wealth determines what you are. 

So, are there enough things for you? Knowing the two-thirds the planet lives on $2 a day that you could get yourself to really feel grateful, yes or no? How much of your life do you get benefits from today, that you never had to create. Think about it. 

Like I said, the road you ride on, the library, the books, you didn't have to write all, right? The internet that you can access in seconds and get answers just about anything. The people in your life - you didn't have to raise, but are there for you. Think about all the different aspects of your life. 

If you want to be wealthy, all you have to do is associate. So before we do the financial part. Because financial independence is different than wealth. Is that State of Mind financial dependence is being in that position, where you don't ever have to work again that if you work you do it because you really want to now give you a clue. If you get financially dependent, you don't work; you'll be miserable. 

I can't tell you how many friends I have. A solar company made 50 million dollars, one man made almost a billion dollars and was really excited for a while, but after a while, he became bored.

His vehicle of his business gave him a sense of contribution, and he was always growing. Figuring out how to solve problems, and yet all the people he's connected to in the business, all the employees and friends and so, stayed. This is some little positive thinking technique. 

I'm telling you, this is the secret, the real secret, to shift it inside of you and to add the real value. Most people are trying to pursue something in the future that they already have. I want you to think of what it is.

You think that, it will make you wealthy or financially free by defining the game. In a winnable way, a certain amount of money that we meet, and that covers, what we're going to call a financial security. Which might be your housing, your cars, your food, and basic entertainment. 

How many would feel rich if you didn't have to work? If your investments alone, the income from your investments. The income covered those four items, your housing for the rest of your life, your food right, your travel and some entertainment. I don't think that would feel pretty good. 

By the way, that number is way smaller than what most of you think of when you think about being financially independent, which is everything covered without working. 

So why not get the first one down, and you know exactly what that number is for you, and what it's going to take for that number. Where you don't have to work to meet it. Then we could look at financial independence where you don't have to work and everything is covered.

Anything you ever want to do for yourself or others, those you want to give. That's a different level, isn't it? And most people think of financial freedom? They come with a gigantic number of that. If you even figured out everything you want, it's nowhere near as big as you say.

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But what's funny about it all, is that we need these things to perform. But we don't take a second to realize it. The purpose is always there. The purpose never leaves us. Because that very purpose is you. You are always the purpose. There may be another purpose, like being a seal or going to college or whatever. But the main purpose in life is you. 

So, if you wake up in the morning - and you don't want to do something, you don't care enough about yourself. And that's what you need to really research. "Man, why am I not doing this for myself?" Because that is the number one purpose in life: is to better one's self. That's the only purpose I need. So the reason I get up every day, even though there are no races, there's no school, there's nothing in front of me. Because I have pride in myself.

Q:  But where do you go to, when you wake up on a morning. It's cold, it's wet, it's dark. You've got no cartilage in your knee. You've got shitty shorts, whatever it is that's the issue today. It's warm on the couch. Your Mrs says stay in bed. It's comfy, it's cozy. You've got work later on. You had an argument last night, you were slightly hungover. 

A:  I know every person is not going to do what I'm going to do. So. This is how you level up. That's how you level up. I know there's a whole bunch of people with that right there, that fires me up. What makes me happy is what you just said. That brings joy to my life right there. 

Because I know there are so many people that have the ability, but refuse to get off that couch, refuse to study a few more hours, refuse to go deeper to go further. That's where I gain the advantage, my friend. It's so easy to be great nowadays, because most people are weak. Most people don't want to go the extra mile. Most people don't want to find that extra, because it sucks. It's miserable. It's lonely.

You talked about that. You were kind of, you know, lonely by yourself. I was the same way, and that used to hurt me growing up. Now, I thrive in that. That's the only place to be. A lot of people, you know, wonder how did you become this? How do you become so vulnerable? How are you doing a podcast now? When you were this kid, you overcame things. You fought them.

Now, this is what happens. This is on the other side of overcoming it. You become very, very powerful when you overcome yourself. All those things you once cowered from, what you were afraid of, and you facing eye to eye every day. You now become, a person that does a great podcast. 

Q:  Let's say that there's someone listening, who resonates with what you're talking about, you know. They've been through trauma, they've been through hard times, but they keep breaking promises to themselves. And they're struggling to get off the couch, and they're having a pity party. How can I stop feeling sorry for themselves?

A:  That's a difficult one. Because you have to want it. You have to want to be better, and it starts off with you have to have pride in yourself. You have to have this something about you. Whether it's your last name, whether it's just the smallest thing, you have to be proud of yourself. If you have no pride in yourself, I can't give it to you. 

Q:  Because you're always going to compromise, you're always going to fold?
A:  Always. And I'm very proud of myself. That's why, when people said, "you know where you can do better than can't hurt me." "Roger, that. We'll see." 

Q:  Because a lot of people, when they think about working out, they think of it as being a physical thing, right? 
A:  No, no! No! I did it for mental. People always say, "my God." Like no, don't look at it. I didn't care about losing weight, I don't care about being the fastest person. I wasn't making the Olympics. I wasn't going to Pros. I could barely read and write when I was a junior in high school. I wasn't going anywhere. 

I started working out as a way for me to build calluses on my mind. I had to be callous over the victim's mentality, so I watched these movies. You know, I talked about Rocket last time. I was on here always equated training to mental toughening. Like it always looked brutal people. Wake up early, and do all these things, and look horrible.

I was like, "wow, now I gotta start doing that." Not to get better, bigger and stronger, but that is what's going to build me. That looks uncomfortable, that looks brutal and getting up early? I don't want to do that. Show me this long list of things I don't want to do, and through that, I found myself. I'm like, "you guys, aren't doing this in high school. You guys aren't getting up at five o'clock in the morning running over here in this golf course."

So I started seeing myself very differently than the average human being. I was like, "hang on a second. I have something they don't have." And that's when I started to develop these things through working out. It was this great, never-ending work ethic. Through work ethic, I developed self-esteem.

Q:  Now is this something that you learn? Is this something you learn yourself from exercise yourself. Or is it something you've read or heard about, that made you equate this doing this and doing these difficult things physically to mental toughness. To being, this is the discipline that you need in order to get your life out of the situation you're in. 

A:  So I never read anything. You know I could barely read. So I wasn't reading back then. I just saw, I watched a lot of movies and I was really big in the visualization. I always equated working out to struggle. And I struggled my whole life, but I ran from it. So I started realizing, "man. I gotta start facing the struggle. And I gotta be mentally strong for the struggle."

So that's where I started coming up like, "I'm training for life. Mentally I'm training for life. I'm not training for like to live 400 pounds. And I found out on my own pretty much. That through this, through discipline, through self-discipline, through repetition, through tons of repetition the same thing that you don't want to do, and that's the key thing through repetition of things you don't want to do. You develop mental armour for your mind. 

Start to armour your mind. Because your mind's, like, "okay, we suffer, we suffer every say. It's what we do. We do stuff that sucks every day." So then, when the suck stuff comes, you're ready for it, and that's how I started coming up, you know, I just started being very uncomfortable. Now it's like just a way of life. It's a crazy thing to figure out, though it's like that, you figured it out, and you didn't just figure it out. You embraced it.

Like when you were talking about your senior year of high school. And you're talking about your mirror, being your accountability, mirror-like you, had a radical shift like you, just decided to not be a loser and to start tightening up and start holding yourself accountable and get ready for things.

So I had this my whole life. I mean, I don't know if people believe in God or what, I don't care. What you believe in, there's been this unrelenting voice in my head. We all have this voice. It's the right or wrong voice and a lot of times, that voice guides us into comfort. And my voice guided me to comfort a lot, but I had this other voice. I heard my whole life saying hey: what are you doing? Oh man, we gotta go over here. We gotta go over here to that rock pile over in the corner, where nobody's at. That's where victory's at. We're over in that corner."

So this voice was giving me all these answers. I wasn't a real smart kid growing up, but I had this crazy voice in my head saying "over there is where the answers are," and I won't listen to it. Because over there was pain. Over there was me looking in the mirror. Over there was me being accountable for all these things that went through my life, even though people put them on me, it's not mine to own. 

I didn't want to go over there by myself, but I had to. And his voice was guiding me there now. It's God, whatever you want to call it, um, but that's what that's what it was in me.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2023


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I don't know who I'm talking to. I don't know what you've been called to do. What you've been called to accomplish. What you've been destined to build. It's time to take a deep dive into the deeper parts of yourself. The parts of you that nobody sees when you take something personal - it gets personal, I'm not just putting on the front - I'm not just here in public to make you smile, and applaud me, and support me, and make comments, and share my video, I'm not here. I make this thing personal in everything that I do in public.

I've done it in private, and so I'm just asking you, don't just scream on a stage or be connected to millionaires, or strive to be a CEO, or an investor, or a politician, or an athlete, or musician or a singer. I'm just wondering: can you conquer in the dark when you make it personal what you do behind closed doors matters? 

So I'm just wondering when you're going to make it personal, when you're going to make it about what it looks like that nobody sees. The part of you that nobody sees. Where's your integrity behind the scenes? Come on. Where are your values behind the scenes? What do your hammers look like behind the scenes? Come on. What kind of work are you putting in behind the scenes?

Come on, drop down and give me 50. Come on, write it again. Come on, believe it again. Come on, sling again, record the song again, come on. I'm talking to that athlete. I'm talking to that musician. Come on! Who are you out there, their philosopher that engineered that thought leader? That critical thinker? Comes on. That Captain of the industry?

I'm talking to you. When your personal life lines up with your purpose, then Public Authority is yours. You want to influence? I'm not talking about fame. I tell my influence the power to change people's lives. Can you stretch yourself? Can you condition yourself? Can you believe it again till you see it again? Can you write again? Can you make this thing personal so that it doesn't start with the people connected to you? 

It starts with you. It doesn't even start with your past. It starts with where you are and where you're going, and then you look ahead. Then you stretch for it. Can you condition yourself? Can you prepare yourself for the next thing? Come on, make it personal. It doesn't start with everybody. It starts with me because people will leave you for dead and then once in a while. What did God put in you release it to the world if it's going to be personal?

Make it personal, don't just be great in public. Be great and private. About what you do in the dark. If I pulled up your search history, what would I find? Would you still be an example to the world if I looked in your closet? If I went through your basement, if I went through your attic, if I went through your Center counsel, if I went through your house, how personal is your purpose? Oh, every single day, you are either losing ground or gaining ground. The choice is yours.

This time, make it personal. If you're going to do it, if you're going to accomplish it, if you're going to achieve it, even if you're confused and it's cold - and it looks crazy, and you're going to need to know the difference between contribution and commitment. Because there are two very different things. See, everybody wants to contribute to destiny, but nobody wants to be committed to destiny. 

You want to contribute to the idea that you can be something. You want to contribute to the idea that something's going to come of the sacrifice that you have made, but you have not sacrificed. You have not suffered. You are not committed. When you are committed, you give everything you have every single week, every single day, every single hour, every single minute, 720 hours a month. You are beating on your craft.

Even when you're at work, you're dreaming, you're thinking, you're visiting, casting, you're writing it down, making it play, communicating to your destiny connections so that it can become a reality. If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hands, but the question I want to ask you isn't enough if you can believe in your dream again, if you could get committed. See, when you get personal when you make it personal. Everything changes foreign, because you see you made it about your girlfriend last time, you read it about your boyfriend last time. You imagine about your kids last time, and your kids started acting up, and then you let the dream go. 

It's gonna start with you and God. First, listen, you all put goodness out of everybody, and it's our responsibility to release it to the world. This time, it's personal. So do it for your loved ones. Do it for your wife, do it for your husband, do it for your children. Do it for generations to come. Come on, after you're dead and gone? What will they say about what you did? Yes, there are so many people depending on you, but he's got to start with you and the man upstairs. What he put in you makes it personal. Everything in my life breathes and eats. This purpose that I have, I got to make it personal.

It starts with me. When it starts with me. It ends with me. I don't know where you are in your game of life. You may be in your third quarter. You may be in your fourth quarter.

Come on. You're not gonna live forever, not in this world, come on. You may be in your first quarter, your second half, and this time it's got to be personal, see. Last time you were just running through the place. Last time you were just running the songs that you rehearsed in rehearsal. Last time you were just going through the motions, and you got numb, come on, and you got tired and weary, and now you're broken and bitter and angry cause. You lost, and I'm just wondering if you're courageous enough, bold enough, if you have enough Faith come on, if you have enough inside of you, resilience to come back to the scene and make it personal, it's rain, sleet or snow keep building, and so this time it's got to be personal, and you may not feel qualified.

You may not feel like you are educated enough. You may not feel like you're connected enough. You may not think that enough people are aware of your practising of you, because you don't have a blue check and you're not a celebrity yet. But you better work hard on assignments. You better work when nobody's watching. You're going to sacrifice behind the scenes. You got to take it personally. When you take it personally, your private life changes. 

Everybody wants Public Authority, but nobody wants private discipline. When your habits change behind the scenes, and your private life begins to shift. When you put aside the things that are not serving you, if you can make it personal, it's personal, it doesn't start with them, and they it starts with me. It starts with me, so make it personal. Let Yourself for free into it. Step into it. You are worthy, you are an unrepeatable miracle, and there is none like you in all the Earth. There will never be another.

You, your DNA, your fingerprint, come on. Your gate, your presence, your authenticity. You're special. You're special, and you're necessary.

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